a way out walkthrough

a way out walkthrough

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A Way Out Walkthrough

A Way Out is a game that lets players choose between Vincent and Leo. Vincent starts within the bus, while Leo begins in prison. Both must go through prison preparation before the game begins. Vincent can walk the yard and can also follow Leo at a distance. You can find out the details of each character’s story by reading the rest of this A Way Out walkthrough. You can also find a video walkthrough if you’d like to see how you should proceed through the game.

Co-op gameplay

A Way Out is an action adventure game with a cooperative play mode. To play with a friend, you must first sign up for EA’s newsletter or download the game’s trial version. Then, you can invite your friend to join you in your adventure. You must both complete the required actions and collect items. However, be careful – a cheat code will reveal the secrets and spoilers of the game!

The game is short, taking anywhere from six to eight hours to complete. You can play as either Leo or Vincent – it’s entirely up to you. If you’re the only one playing, you can alternate between their viewpoints by selecting different characters. While it’s possible to save the game during a cutscene or dialogue by switching between players, the game won’t be nearly as enjoyable if you’re forced to replay the same scenes over again.

A Way Out is the latest game from Josef Fares, developer of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It’s released for the PC and Xbox One in partnership with Electronic Arts. Fares is known for developing games like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which let players control two characters at the same time. A Way Out is an excellent choice for co-operative play as it allows you to explore both protagonists simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a co-op game to play with a friend, this is it. A Way Out’s split screen gameplay makes it one of the best games ever created. Vincent and Leo are convicted criminals and want revenge against a man who framed them for murder. They need each other to escape their prisons, but there are several ways to approach different situations.


A Way Out is a co-op adventure game that has a linear trophy list, a chapter select, and no missed trophies. It is designed for cooperative gameplay, and it comes with a game access pass, which rewards the host. The game also features online multiplayer, which will award all trophies and mini games. You can also play the game with two other people in two different locations.

In the final chapter, Leo and Vincent battle it out for their lives. The two must choose between killing each other and staying alive. Only one of the two can make it out alive, so it is important to know which character is going to die. In the walkthrough, we’ll discuss how to get the endings in each chapter. A Way Out has two possible endings, but they both involve the same characters.

In A Way Out, players take on the roles of two men who are trapped in prison. One is Leo, who has been in prison for a long time, and the other is new to the prison. In a co-op split screen game, players must help each other escape. After getting out, they must decide on their next move. Several decisions can affect their gameplay, the decisions of the other player, and the storyline.

A Way Out follows two convicts, Leo and Vincent. They escape a prison system that’s become increasingly hardened. As a result, the game requires a lot of careful planning on the part of both men. A way out walkthrough will help you get to the end of the first chapter and unlock the secret of freedom for the two men. There are five chapters to explore in this game, so it’s essential to get to know both sides of the story.


You can choose from a variety of weapons in A Way Out. These include a flashlight, night vision goggles, and 1 stack of water. You can also equip yourself with clothes for each biome. As for weapons, you can use both blunt and bladed weapons. Bladed weapons are better for dealing damage while blunt ones are better for stuns. A Way Out walkthrough shows you how to use these weapons in order to survive in the game.


There are many endings in A Way Out, and the choice you make in this game will determine which one you’ll experience. The game’s story begins with Vincent and Leo escaping from prison. They meet the families of their former prisoners and plan to get revenge on Harvey. However, they are in danger of losing both their lives in the end, so how will you know which ending you should choose? This walkthrough will reveal some of the key scenes in the game, including the ending.

The final scene of A Way Out is extremely dramatic. After the final fight between Leo and Vincent, the screen fades from color to black. Leo then delivers the letter to Carol, and the two go to see her. They see Carol and Alex and are devastated by the news. Afterwards, Vincent goes back home to make amends with Carol, telling her that he is quitting the police force to spend more time with her. Afterward, he invites Carol inside to watch a movie together.

While A Way Out features a co-op mode, players are still left wondering how to get to the final levels. Thankfully, this walkthrough outlines all endings in A Way Out. If you haven’t completed the game yet, don’t read ahead! But if you’re curious and want to know the endings of all the characters, then this walkthrough is for you.

The other ending is the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, which will restore Order to the Lands Between. However, you won’t be able to access this ending with just one playthrough, because you’ll have to complete certain questlines and do strange tasks. This ending is the most difficult to unlock, but if you’re able to complete it on the first playthrough, you’ll have many options to choose from.

There are two different ways to unlock the ending of A Way Out. You can either die while playing the game, or you can choose to open a secret room and find your photo and name. If you have a secret room, you can always turn around and visit it, but you’ll have to make sure to go through it! Otherwise, you’ll never get to the final boss, which will prevent you from completing the game.

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