jee noh shrine walkthrough

jee noh shrine walkthrough

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Jee Noh Shrine Walkthrough

If you’re new to the game, I highly recommend starting out with the default characters and going through the tutorial. Once you’ve completed the tutorial, feel free to choose your favorite characters and start playing. It is best to go through the first two or three hours of the tutorial as you’re learning the game’s basics. During this time, you shouldn’t worry about the story or anything other than the basics. If you’re new to this type of game, however, I recommend you play as Jee Noh.


The first part of Stasis at Jee Noh Temple requires Link to reach a conveyor belt to the next room. Once there, Link needs to shoot an orb into a nearby recess. The next part of Stasis involves a similar puzzle. Once Link has successfully shot the orb, he can shoot it into a hole in the wall and open a second door.

Once in Stasis, the first step is to shoot an arrow at an orb. Shoot it so it drops into the orange target on the other side. Afterwards, the Spirit Orb must be dropped into the second orb. This completes the Shrine. If you want to try a different strategy, you can use a block on the second conveyor as a shield.

The second part of Stasis involves a puzzle that will require you to move the ball through a certain path. The arrows need to move in the right direction to reach the second area. If you are able to reach the last room, you can move on to the third. There are many puzzles in Jee Noh Shrine, so make sure to read up on all of them to help you with the quest.

The treasure chest is located on the platform on the far side of the room. Magnesis will allow you to grab it and bring it to the safe platform. The treasure chest will be rewarded when you open it, but it will not be as good as you’d hoped. The Spirit Orb is also in the chest, so you’ll need to speak to Monk Jee Noh to claim it.

Dunba Taag

The Dunba Taag at Jee Norh Shrine is the first of two locations you can visit when exploring the Hebra Region. You can access the Dunba Taag Shrine by traversing to the southwest of Hebra Tower. The Shrine is located in the Tanagar Canyon, south of Tama Pond. Using Stasis, you can move a stone block in the center of the island, opening up a path to the Shrine.

The second location in the Dunba Taag area is the Shrine of the Winds. The player must step onto the lowered platform to look up at the higher one. There’s a wooden platform on top of the large block with a metal box that drops down from the top. You must destroy the wooden platform to activate the lift, which will launch you into the air.

There are several other places to visit near the Jee Noh Shrine, including Myahm Agana, located near the entrance of Hateno Village. You can climb the waterfall to reach the shrine, or you can paraglide or dive onto the pressure plate to make it go higher. The other locations include the Tahno O’ah shrine, located on the eastern side of the Madorna Mountain. You can also visit the Dunba Taag Shrine located near a windmill in the Tanagar Canyon.

The third place to find the Spirit Orb is the Breach of Demise Canyon. It’s located southwest of Ridgeland Tower. It has a locked door and a switch. After you complete the Breach, you can move on to the next area. After that, the last area is the Lanayru Wetlands Shrine, located on a small island. The Shrine is surrounded by thorns. Fire Arrows or a torch can be used to burn the thorns.

Gee Ha’rah

If you want to complete Gee Ha’rah shrine, then here are a few tips and tricks to help you succeed. First of all, you will need the Stone Ball, which is suspended on two ropes, to open the gate. If you have a Stone Ball, then you should be able to use stasis to shoot the rope closest to the plunger. Once you have done so, you will have to shoot the other rope. Then, use your Stasis power on the stone ball. It will eventually fall on the plunger and reveal a treasure chest.

Once you’ve rolled a snowball large enough, you’ll need to activate a switch to open the door. The switch will allow you to enter the Gee Ha’rah shrine. The gate is located northwest of Hebra Tower, near the Kopeeki Drifts. Luckily, this shrine contains a Diamond that can be obtained by slashing the snowballs that block the way.

If you’re not sure how to get inside the Gee Ha’rah shrine, you can also try using snowballs. A snowball will send you down several paths, but only one will lead you to the shrine. After that, you can try throwing a snowball through the ancient gate. However, if you get stuck, do not worry, because snowballs will respawn if you leave the area.

Getting inside the Gee Ha’rah Shrine is not difficult. The first step is to find the stone door. This door will give you the ability to enter the Gee Ha’rah shrine. You can also plant map markers on interesting locations where you can visit. If you don’t want to plant a map marker, you can simply walk past it. Then, you’ll find yourself in a much better position for a shrine.

Tahno O’ah

To find the Tahno O’ah shrine, you must go on Mount Lanayru. You can find it by breaking through a series of trees. The shrine gives you free spirit orbs and climbing boots. It is a secret area and you need to get to it with the right items to proceed. We’ve provided a walkthrough below to help you find it.

The first step to get to the shrine is to find three trees in a row. From there, travel to the far eastern part of the line. The shrine is located behind a rock wall. To open the door, you must use a remote bomb. The monk inside will reward you with Climbing Boots and a Spirit Orb. You can also find a chest inside of the shrine.

The next step is to find the three cedar trees. The first two are near the Hateno Historical Tech Lab. The third one is located on the western cliff of Walnot Mountain. The fourth cedar tree is near a breakable wall. These two clues lead to the Shrine. The final step is to talk to Clavia in Hateno Village. She will mention three cedar trees on top of a mountain.

Once you’ve gotten all the items, enter the shrine to complete the quest “Secrets of Cedars Shrine” by exploring Tahno O’ah. Clavia will be unimpressed, complaining that it’s not a real shrine. After all, she has her own shrine in her village. Once you’ve done this, head to the Dagah Keek Shrine to get a chest and a monk who will declare the Spirit Orb to you.

Kay Noh

In the Gerudo Canyon region, you’ll find the Kay Noh Shrine. It’s located on top of a cliff overlooking the Gerudo Canyon Stable. To access the shrine, you’ll need to pick up an electric orb from the area’s start point, drop it on a pedestal, and then proceed to defeat the enemy guarding the gate. The next room contains a puzzle that will require you to kill a guardian scout, so it’s best to save it for last.

When you reach this room, you’ll find the Guardian. He’s the tasked with guiding Link to the Treasure Chest. He’ll give you the Magnesis Rune, which you can use to light the lantern and lift the bars in the room. You’ll also find the Moonlight Scimitar in the terminal. After defeating the Guardian Scout, you’ll be able to enter the shrine.

The Kay Noh Shrine is one of 120 shrines found in Breath of the Wild. It’s a difficult shrine, and Link can easily get shocked or lose metal items. Fortunately, there are many ways to complete it without losing precious time or metal items. By following the Kay Noh Shrine walkthrough, you can complete this challenge quickly and with a minimum of effort. While there are some more difficult shrines in Breath of the Wild, this is a surprisingly easy shrine to complete.

The final room contains two pools of water. The one on the left has completed the circuit. The metal boxes in the right-hand pool must mirror their respective positions in the left-hand pool. When both bulbs are active, the gate at the back of the room will open. Then, interact with the glowing altar to reveal the Spirit Orb. Once you have done so, you can exit the shrine and collect your reward! If you’ve finished this level, congratulations!

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