Walkthrough - Kena: Bridge of Spirits Wiki Guide

Walkthrough – Kena: Bridge of Spirits Wiki Guide

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Walkthrough – Kena: Bridge of Spirits Wiki Guide

A Kena Bridge of Spirits walkthrough will tell you everything you need to know about combat, leveling up, masks, parrying, and more! The game has many aspects, and the in-game map does not show you where to find anything.

The key to finding collectibles is to look for the Rot, the cute forest sprites scattered throughout the game. Pressing triangles and pulsing can help you collect as many of these as possible.


This comprehensive Kena Bridge of Spirit walkthrough will learn everything you need to know to complete the game. This walkthrough will explain the game’s core mechanics and give you tips for every aspect of the game, including exploration, combat, and character development.

You will also learn about all the trophies and system requirements. To get the most out of this walkthrough, you should buy it! However, before you start playing, check out some of the other reviews for the game.

To make the most of the game’s many features, you need to understand how to control the characters’ movements. The Spirit Pulse (L1) is the most critical control, which sends a short pulse around the surface to reveal hidden crystals and fruits.

You can also use this control to interact with doors and solve puzzles. In addition, you can use the Spirit Bombs to suffocate enemies and gain access to Spirit energy.

Those who play Kena will know that this game is not easy, as the combat can get tricky. It features dangerous combat segments, problematic platforming areas, and a variety of puzzles that you’ll have to solve.

While you can do a few things to get through the game, this walkthrough will help you get through each stage with a minimum of hassle. Consider reading the complete walkthrough before jumping into the game if you’re having trouble.

Leveling up

While leveling up in Kena Bridge of Spirits is easy enough, the game requires much work. Several aspects of this game involve collecting Rot and Karma and doing side quests, which can significantly speed up the character’s progression. In addition to managing Rot, you can also upgrade your weapons and Rot attacks. Once you have enough Rot, you can use these to get better in battle.

To level up in Kena Bridge of Spirit, you must complete the game’s different quests. These objectives increase your overall level. These objectives allow you to unlock new items and locations.

They also grant you additional XP, which can be used for buying upgrades. Leveling up in Kena Bridge of Spirits can be frustrating at first, but with some strategy, you will soon be able to complete all quests and unlock new abilities.

Getting a high Rot level is essential to progressing in the game. It helps you unlock new abilities and hats. Rot charges can also be used to immobilize enemies or destroy corrupted flowers. You can find these items by exploring branches and houses in the game and using your dual sense to locate them. While studying, you can also check out the rot-infected flowers nearby.


If you’re having trouble with the Masks in the game, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the Mask Bug. This glitch affects players on the PlayStation 4, but don’t worry – this walkthrough covers how to fix the bug. If you’re still experiencing problems, check out the other sections of this walkthrough for helpful tips. The first part of this walkthrough will cover how to get a new mask.

The game has a lot of collectibles, including Spirit Masks. These masks help you see the world differently. They can be used to open Spirit Barriers and see virtual objects in the environment.

Masks can also be used to find the Rot hidden in the world. To unlock Spirit Masks, press T. This will open the Spirit Mask Maker Path. There are also many other collectibles in this game, including items that can help you progress.

The game teaches players that forgiveness is essential in life. While the main plotline focuses on the importance of forgiveness, the game also explores the notion of moving on without regrets.

The corrupted spirits are not the only ones that have harmed humans, and many of them have non-corrupted friends who have forgiven them long ago. To unlock the memories of these spirits, you’ll have to learn how to recognize these emotions to move forward with your life.


If you’re a new player in Kena Bridge of Spirits, there’s an integral part of the game that you must master: parrying. Having perfect timing is key to landing parrys, which slow down the opponent’s attack and give you a chance to strike back. Luckily, parrying requires only 150 Karma to improve, and it’s a great way to enhance your overall combat skills.

While shielding is better for avoiding damage, parrying allows you to push an opponent’s attack back and deal damage simultaneously. Parrying can be especially helpful during boss fights since you’ll be able to hit an enemy with a single attack while their shield is on. Here’s a Kena bridge of spirits walkthrough:

The key to parrying is timing. Your timing is crucial, so you must hit the shield button when the enemy’s attack connects. If you hit the shield button too soon, your attack will join, so you’ll need to time it ideally.

This new patch will make parrying easier than before, which is excellent news for Kena players! If you’re not careful, you’ll quickly find yourself out of parrying opportunities.

After some playthroughs, you’ll unlock a map. It shows you the locations of all the places, collectibles, and paths. With this, you can choose which courses are worth taking and which are worth ignoring. A map is a must-have when playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits. And because the game is free, you can try it out for free without paying any money.


You may be wondering how to do certain things in Dodging on the Kena Bridge of Spirit. Well, the first thing to do is to get your spirit mail. This will help you out during later fights, removing corruption from your house.

But you should also be aware of certain things that can hinder your progress in Kena Bridge of Spirit. This is why it is essential to have a good game plan when you’re playing this game.

As a general rule, avoid getting hit by enemies. Be especially aware of enemies’ wind-ups, as these are often the most effective way to kill your enemies. You can also use Kena’s bombs to attack and kill smaller enemies.

During this time, try to angle your attacks towards the smaller enemies instead of them attacking you. Thin out the group so you can concentrate on the most significant threat.

If you’re looking for combat tips for Kena, you’re in the right place. Dodging the Kena Bridge of Spirits can be difficult, especially when trying to fight tough bosses and environmental puzzles.

To survive, you must frequently escape avoiding being wiped out. You can use your staff to throw a few hits at enemies and readjust to a new position when you dodge.


After beating the Corrupted Taro boss, you will receive the reward for your Meditation on the Kena Bridge of Spirit. The bonus increases max health, but you’ll also need to collect as many Meditation Spots as possible to get the trophy. The locations are listed below. You’ll find them after you defeat the Corrupted Taro boss. You can find more meditation spots on the way to the corrupted taro.

There are 12 Meditation Spots scattered throughout the Kena Bridge of Spirits. The first spot is in a mountain village, the second is in the forge, and the last is on the edge of an outcropping.

You’ll need to calculate the number of points you’ll need to complete each to get the maximum health increase. Fortunately, you can use the map to find the locations, and the game will give you a detailed map of where you’ll need to go to meditate.

Once you’ve located all the meditation spots, you’ll need to get them to earn the Zen Master Trophy and Achievement. To get to the first meditation spot, you’ll need to use the Spirit Bow. Lower the drawbridge to find it. While you’re in the area, do not forget to look for the meditation spot. It will be near the Warp Stone. The meditation spot is east of the Warp Stone.

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