kingdom hearts 2 walkthrough

kingdom hearts 2 walkthrough

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to playing Kingdom Hearts II, you’ve come to the right place. IGN has compiled a comprehensive walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts II, covering everything from choosing a Character to battling Organization XIII. If you’re new to the game, you can skip ahead to this part of the guide if you’re having trouble figuring out what you should do next.


The characters in Kingdom Hearts 2 can be divided into three groups: Organization XIII members and the rebels. Organization XIII members are the main antagonists of the game, while the rebels are the main protagonists.

In Kingdom Hearts II, the Organization is made up of the members of the New Order. Ansem leads them. The protagonists are Sora and Riku, and the game’s primary goal is to defeat Xehanort.

The game’s party system also changes from previous games, as new characters are introduced and reintroduced. The Beast, Aladdin, and Jack play significant roles in the story, and Peter Pan and Tinker Bell also return as summons.

In addition to these main characters, there are several other notable newcomers, including the adult Simba from The Lion King’s Pride Lands. Other special characters in the game include Mushu, a supporting ally in Land of the Dragons, and the Final Fantasy X character Auron. Finally, Chicken Little makes her debut in Kingdom Hearts II as a summon.

Although the game features many familiar characters from previous titles, the sequel has some fresh additions. New bosses are in the Olympus Coliseum.

Players can fight against arch behemoths, sneak armies, and demolished behemoths. The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts introduced Sephiroth, Ice Titan, and Kurt Zisa. The English version added these characters and a new story mode.

Terra first appears in the game as a secret boss among the new characters. She appears in the second game of Kingdom Hearts 2. Terra and Ventus are playable in the first playthrough, although Ventus is better used in the second. Terra also joins the group that fought against Xehanort’s replicas in ReMind, while Melody of Memory features her as the main protagonist.

Drive Forms

Obtaining the Final Drive Form requires completing the game’s ‘Sora vs. Roxas’ event, which occurs in the World That Never Was. After achieving this, Sora is granted the ability to use the Drive Form, also known as the Antiform. This form gives Sora a high chance of obtaining the Final Drive Form. This form allows Sora to sacrifice both members of his party.

The Drive Forms in Kingdom Hearts 2 are essentially different types of characters that allow players to make their gameplay loops. The game contains six Drive Forms, of which five can be activated on command using the Command Menu.

One particular form, the Antiform, is a penalty form for excessive use of Drive Forms. It allows players to make their characters more robust and powerful and is particularly useful for boss fights.

Sora can have multiple Drive Forms, and the ability to change between them is a new aspect of the game. Each Drive Form consumes Drive Gauge points, which allows Sora to borrow the strength of his allies.

By combining the abilities of various Drive Forms, Sora can increase the amount of time he spends in each one. Using these Drive Forms, Sora can use them to fight Nobodies, Heartless, and Organization XIII.

The Limit Drive Form is exclusive to Kingdom Hearts II. It only unlocks after Sora defeats 1000 Heartless in the Hollow Bastion. It is the most accessible Drive Form to level up, and it will regen health while beating your enemies.

You can level up your drive forms by gaining experience while using them. There are many different ways to level up each of your Drive Forms. In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways to ensure that yours is the best choice.

Combat options

If you want to get the most out of combat in Kingdom Hearts II, you’ll need to learn how to control items. In the Items submenu, you can see your entire stock of things. You’ll be using potions and hi-potions most often.

Make sure to equip Donald and Goofy with potions to get the most out of these items. You can also customize your shortcut options to use certain things.

One of the most incredible things about this game is its wide variety of combat systems. The game offers so many different ways to fight that it can be overwhelming at first, but long-term fans have spent years fine-tuning their tactics to make them work best.

This game is also a great introduction to the series, as it builds upon the foundations of the first game while adding more speed, flair, and abilities. The combat system is so diverse and well-written that long-term fans have been spending hours perfecting it.

One of the critical aspects of combat in Kingdom Hearts II is the Reaction Command. By pressing the triangle button next to the attack selection in the menu, Sora can execute a specific action.

The titles of the actions indicate the type of action the button is meant to perform. Many Reaction Commands are specialized combat moves, but they can also be used to open chests and talk to characters. However, the game’s combat system isn’t complete without the Reaction Command.

In Kingdom Hearts II, combat options are primarily determined by the type of enemy you’re facing. There’s no single best attack, and every episode will be different depending on your character’s style.

The best way to maximize your options is to find the enemy’s weaknesses and exploit them. This way, you’ll spend less time closing the distance before attacking them. It’s also important to note how much MP the attack uses before completing the next stage.


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a detailed Kingdom Hearts 2 Worlds walkthrough. This game will give you everything you need to know to complete each World 100%. You’ll learn all about enemies and bosses and even how to make Combo Attacks. It’s like having a personal trainer for the game! Here is a walkthrough of the game’s first World: the Magic Forest.

Organization XIII’s headquarters is an entirely new world part of Twilight Town. Unlike many other Kingdom Hearts games, this World is altogether original.

While it does contain elements of Disney, it’s not too obvious that it’s a ripoff. It’s full of neon lights and even a literal Kingdom Heart moon. It’s one of the most popular worlds in the series, with more than half the World’s locations being related to Disney movies.

The Walkthrough includes numerous sub-sections, so it’s best to refer to a table of contents to find a specific part of the game. There are multiple Worlds in Kingdom Hearts 2, so you’ll need to return to some Worlds many times.

Some of the items you can pick up are not accessible the first time you visit them, but you’ll find them later. Fortunately, there’s a way to unlock all of the items in each world quickly.

Once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll want to visit the other worlds. The game’s most famous World is Agrabah, and it’s worth a visit. While it’s a bit bland compared to the original, the new version has a better design. It also has a few more exciting locations than the original. However, many KH2 players aren’t too fond of the game’s original Agrabah.

Characters from previous games make comebacks.

While characters from previous Kingdom Hearts games make cameo appearances in Kingdom Hearts II, many are new to the series. Some of the most popular characters from the earlier games make cameo appearances, including Sora and Riku.

Other returning characters include Donald, Goofy, and the villain, Maleficent. Some of the returning worlds are also home to new characters, including Roxas and Pete.

A new game in the Kingdom Hearts series may feature characters from the Disney Channel’s popular shows. The games often feature characters from Disney-Pixar movies, and the franchise has long benefited from this.

One recent example of the franchise incorporating the characters from Disney shows is the inclusion of Buzz Lightyear. The game refers to long-standing friendships in the Disney universe. Characters from previous Kingdom Hearts games make comebacks, too.

The latest Kingdom Hearts game features characters from previous games in an all-new storyline. The characters are more grounded and logical than in their last outings, making it easier to identify with them.

Instead of an overblown death scream, they react to injuries with a calm “ouchie ouch.” The storyline also doesn’t have the fourth wall, so the characters often poke fun at Square Enix and the foremost series writers. Sora, for example, is known as the only sane character in the series. He complains when he’s attacked with a Keyblade.

There are also several videos where characters from previous games make comebacks. In addition to playing characters of earlier games, players can also watch videos of the game’s characters doing random things.

This way, viewers can get an inside look at the story behind the games. Moreover, they can enjoy some of the funniest moments of the series. Just a Pancake has made several videos of Roxas and Author Filibuster, and even Aqua and Ven are also featured in the series.

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