nexomon extinction walkthrough

nexomon extinction walkthrough

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Nexomon Extinction Walkthrough

If you’ve ever played the RPG game Nexomon: Extinction, you’ve probably been wondering if you should try it out on mobile devices. Although the original was available on every platform except for mobile, Nexomon: Extinction is now available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. This game has elements of breaking the 4th wall, as you’ll see, and brings the classic console RPG experience to the world of mobile devices.

Defeat Logan

If you’ve been stuck for a while, this Nexomon Extinction walkthrough is for you! This walkthrough covers all of the key areas of the game, from the intro level to the final boss. There are 56 Achievements worth 1000 points to earn in this game, and we’ll go over each one here. As you go along, keep an eye out for the following:

You’ll need at least 600 Reputation and a level 60 Nexomon before you begin the battle. You’ll also need a high healing elixir to get through the fight. Each fight consists of one type of element, so if you’re a Fire, Water, Earth, or Ghost character, then the battle will be much easier for you. It’s a matter of choosing the right combination of skills and elements, and avoiding traps.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the battle with Logan, you can proceed to the next step: gathering elemental shards. There’s a timer on each of these items, so make sure you have a lot of them to ensure your victory. The reward for defeating Logan is a trophy worth earning. You can also obtain a Bronze Tamer in the Frozen City, so be sure to use it.

Once you have collected enough tamers, you can now move on to the next level of the game. In order to unlock a trophy, you must defeat the remaining 85 tamers twice. You can also collect all 310 Nexomon to get a huge chunk of the game’s trophies. The tamers are not always easy to find, so it’s recommended to find a group of three-star tamers to beat Logan.

Defeat Bolzen

To defeat Bolzen, you need to know how to find and use Nexomon in the game world. Nexomon are creatures that can attack your monsters, so it is important to be aware of their moves and avoid their attacks. The best way to find Nexomon is to explore the world, which contains a large number of them. Once you find one, use it to take out the next Nexomon.

You should have two types of cores to help you fight Bolzen. One is called the XP core, and it will permanently boost your monster’s stats. Another one is called the XP core, and you can get it from the Synthesis Center in Northwest Parum. A Nexomon core can be used to level up before facing the boss. Then, you can equip it to your Nexomon to make it stronger.

The general location of Bolzen is unknown, and the location will change depending on the difficulty of the challenge. Typically, Bolzen appears when another Tyrant is weakened, and deals the final blow. Because he can travel anywhere in the world, he is a difficult enemy for Guild tamers. This walkthrough will help you overcome this monster and save the world.

After defeating Bolzen, you can get the Tyrant. Tyrants are very powerful Nexomon, and they can speak human languages. They were named this by the Tamer’s Guild during the Battle of the Tyrants, and they have affected humanity numerous times. As a result, many humans have an extraordinary hatred for them. The Tyrant can affect your character in a lot of ways, so it’s essential to know where to find them to get their full potential.

Defeat Bolzen in Nexomon: First, you need to understand the character’s personality. The game has several types of characters that you can choose from, including Omnicrons. Omnicrons are the toughest enemies to beat because of their massive size, and their armor is weak against their attacks. Fortunately, you can learn how to fight them through various dialogue options.

Defeat Lydia

In the Defeat Lydia in Nexomon extinction walkthrough, you’ll find that the game is not as easy as you think. In this guide, you’ll learn how to defeat the toughest boss, which has its own unique mechanics. It can also use cores and attack speed. The scenario was designed to give you a ton of EXP. The game also includes bandits warping away and a Tyrant Relic.

First, you’ll find Lydia in the village center. Once you defeat her Nexomon, she will suggest a duel, but it’s not as easy as she makes it seem. It’s not only about obtaining supplies and throwing a party, but also about clearing your confidence. A well-balanced team of Nexomon is an important part of achieving success in this challenge, so make sure your squad is balanced! Lydia’s dragons, in particular, are well-suited to hunt Tyrants.

Next, you’ll meet Edward, your mentor, and the boss of the game. Lydia will ask you a favor, and you can choose to help her by granting her access to her facility, but she’ll be careful not to give you any extra rewards until you’ve defeated the last boss. Lydia will then be pleased to see you and will give you a special item. She’ll also give you a Core.

After catching all of the monsters in the west, you’ll need to take them to the east to heal themselves. To capture a Nexomon, you’ll need to have ten Nexotraps and a few shards. This will allow you to capture the Nexomon in hiding. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the monsters will weaken over time, similar to how they do in other games. In addition, your Capture Chance will be affected by Weariness, Status Effect, and the type of Nexotrap you use. The more you feed your Nexomon, the lower its Capture Chance will be.

When you reach the entrance of the cave, Atlas will abandon the game. However, he recognises a mysterious girl named Merida. Merida is the fifth child of Omnicron. She offers to help you clear the cursed tower, but Merida does not have the power to do so. You can’t do it alone, though; the cultists will still be there.

Defeat Eurus

Once you’ve defeated Eurus, you’ll have to clear the Tomb of Omicron, the last level. Upon reaching it, Lydia will ask you if you’re willing to perform a favour for her. If so, then she’ll let you go to her facility. You’ll need this to get the rest of the items needed to complete this level. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with a Revive from a sparkle and a Cosmic Charm from the chest.

Next, you’ll fight the hot-headed grandmaster Xanders. This hot-headed grandmaster knows Eurus’ true nature and has brought his entire team. While most teams have difficulty against him, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve brought your entire team, since he’s a fire-type. Barboraco’s Sunshine, for example, will prevent any fire-type attacks for five turns. Grath’s Fire Will, meanwhile, will increase fire damage by 15% for five turns.

As you fight the ashen-winged blazing beast, try to keep your strategy to defence. Unlike other dragons, the dragon’s flustered state means that it won’t attack you immediately. If your dragon doesn’t strike back right away, switch it with another. You can also try stalling against the dragon to get experience. This will give you a chance to get your first victory!

If you are a Level 14 Nexomon, prepare yourself well for a 20-minute battle. It will take a while to prepare your battle and a Warp Stone will help you move quickly. While you’re waiting, use your Warp Stones to get to a high-level building. Once you have the warp stone, you can then proceed to the second stage, where you’ll encounter the final Nexomon.

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