ori and the blind forest walkthrough

ori and the blind forest walkthrough

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Ori and the Blind Forest Walkthrough

If you have ever wondered how you could complete Ori and the Blind Forest, this guide is for you. Below are tips and tricks that will help you get through the game.

You can also find a walkthrough for other areas in the game. Read on to discover more! You’ll learn how to find Gumo, Naru, and Black Root Burrows. You can also find out how to find hidden treasures!

Black Root Burrows

If you have already completed the game, you may want to learn about the new area, Black Root Burrows, in Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition.

The Black Root Burrows is accessed by jumping up the wall east of the Spirit Well. This area is quite tricky to reach early, as it’s completely dark. You’ll need to use a flashlight or some other light source to get through this area and then drop down until the bottom of the caves.

The Dark Root Burrows is a critical location but don’t go there without getting essential abilities. You’ll need to clean up the map before moving on, and you should also head over to the Thornfell Swamp to obtain some items you’ll need for the next part of the game.

It would help if you also came back here for some things after acquiring Light Burst and Charge Jump. While the game has become increasingly difficult since the original release, the game’s cinematic elements have been enhanced. You can also find new DLC in the latest edition, like the Black Root Burrows.

Those aren’t available in the original version, but you can pick up the game’s Definitive Edition for a few extra dollars. If you’re a fan of anime and cartoons, Ori and the Blind Forest will be a perfect fit. With its cinematic elements, you’ll be able to appreciate the game’s storyline even more.

Look no further if you’re looking for a new adventure with challenging platforming and character progression. You’ve found your new hero. What you do is the only thing that stands between you and the world’s end. So, what are

The Black Root Burrows area is relatively short. The next area is Lost Grove, which takes a while. The Lost Grove area is slightly more complex, and you can use a mortar projectile to open new areas.

You’ll also get a new skill called “Raw” that will help you beat certain game levels. And in the meantime, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the backstory of Naru. The game also has a story, which is pretty simple and easy to follow.

Lost Grove

The first area you will encounter in The Blind Forest is the Lost Grove, which is located northeast of the offering cradle. The ruins explain the lore of The Lost Grove and Solak.

There are ruins that state that the Seren symbol is carved into them. Once you’ve found it, you’ll know what to do next. Fortunately, you can do so without going through the entire area.

Before entering the Blind Forest, you need to know where the Black Root Burrows is. These are early access areas and feature a unique underground design.

You can use Ori’s tiny circle of light to illuminate the immediate area, and some platforms have a light glow. You’ll also need to know that enemies will emit light until they are defeated, so you’ll need to be wary of their energy.

The Lost Grove is also where Naru spent his childhood. The atmosphere is peaceful, and a visit here will give you a good idea of how Naru lived. It is a place that Ori and Sein try to recreate.

Unfortunately, Naru’s father passed away, and it’s the final place he visits. The other characters, including the witch Sein, will come to help Naru, though, and it is in this area that the two will encounter each other.

In addition to the Spirit Tree, you can also visit the Forlorn Ruins, which has a segment where you can interact with the Gumon machinery, allowing you to reorient gravity and walk on walls. The game also has a significant focus on the Green Aesop. You’ll be able to do so if you use the Warp feature. And remember, there’s a chance that you’ll come across a hidden door in The Blind Forest!


Ori must travel through the Sunken Glades to reach the Spirit Tree in the game. There, she must defeat the Rammer and find a mysterious light. This light turns out to be Sein, the light of the Spirit Tree. She becomes Ori’s guide, helping her overcome enemies and returning to Nibel.

She must also defeat the Kuro, a spirit who has attacked the Spirit Tree during the Light Ceremony. When Ori returns to the Forest, she meets her former friend, who has been searching for him. The two have been separated for a long time.

They become friends, and Ori is the only one who can help Naru save him. Despite this, her relationship with Naru is tested as the two struggle to build a bridge. Eventually, she learns the truth about her old friend, returning to save the boy.

While Ori has a similar appearance to a cat, it is a dog with horns on either side of its head. It also has large ears that bend down when it becomes sad and white-colored hooves that resemble those of a horse.

She begins the story as a little child, dependent on her caretaker for all of her needs. However, as the story progresses, she becomes more mature and determined to find her family. She is also incredibly kind and never gives up hope.

Moon Studios created Ori and the Blind Forest, and it was released on 11th March 2015. This game follows Ori’s adventures through the mysterious Forest.

The game takes place in a world where a terrible storm separates the spirits and trees. As the two grow closer, their relationship develops. While a storm rages, Ori and Naru form a special bond. Naru gives her some food to survive, and the two travel through the Forest together in search of light.


To complete the game, players should first go through the Rock Scene, where they must guide Ori to the top. At this level, players should be cautious as there are lanes where rocks can fall, so they should stay away. If they get hurt, they should find a cave and hide there. At the top, Ori will help Guymon. Guymon will cough up the Water Vein, allowing players to progress.

The next puzzle is called “Ground Slime” and is very difficult. It requires players to jump around and avoid falling rocks, which they must dodge. In the west part of the map, players will encounter a wall of moving stone pillars. Luckily, players can get past these spikes by wall-jumping and double-jumping. A Soul Link is also handy for getting past the ends.

The third puzzle is the Light Vessel. The Light Vessel is a mysterious light, similar to a frost orb. It enables Ori to walk over hot spots and go up and down walls. You can even glide upwards using the Light Vessel. However, it is essential to remember to hold the Light Vessel to prevent it from disintegrating.

It is vital to complete this puzzle quickly, or else you’ll get stuck. There are a few ways to progress through the game. First, you can use the Charge Jump. This jump is effective against walls and ceilings as it breaks through the cracked ceiling.

Also, it allows you to bash spider projectiles by smashing through them. Then, you can perform the Charge Jump and destroy all the barriers blocking Ori’s path. If you complete all the levels successfully, you’ll be able to complete the game and unlock 100% of all items.


You can follow our Keystones of Origami and the Blind Forest walkthrough to find where each Keystone is. Once you find them, you must go to the center wind tunnel to get the Map Stone.

There are also three Keystones on the right side. You must also swim through a purple plant and compressing stone pillars to get to them. If you’re stuck, don’t worry, there’s a cheat code you can use to find them.

First, you need to reach the pillars with spikes. It would help if you jumped over these spikes to grab the Keystone. Then, jump back up and push the lever to lower the vertical log. Then, you can wall climb back up and continue the quest to get the second Keystone. There’s a small hidden area just above the pillars that you can access.

You can also climb up the thorn plants and grab a Keystone. Just make sure that you don’t step on the thorn plant’s roots. If you’re looking for a shortcut, try using double jumps. Double jump to the left once you have your first Keystone in hand. After getting the second Keystone, you can reach the portal in the top left corner.

You can also use the Spirit Flame. This will help you kill any slimes that are floating above. In the same area, there’s a spider that shoots projectiles. Once you hit one, you’ll get a Light Vessel to follow you.

Eventually, your Light Vessel will follow you as you progress through the game. The key to success in the game is to keep your Spirit Flame alive, and this is what you can do here.

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