pokemon gold walkthrough

pokemon gold walkthrough

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A Pokemon Gold Walkthrough to Help You Beat the Game

A walkthrough is your best bet if you want to complete a particular challenge in Pokemon Gold. This guide will walk you through the different challenges and help you to beat the game.

This guide covers defeating Misty and Gary, battling Team Rocket trainers, and more. Pokemon Gold and Silver sections are similar, so you can jump between them as needed. Open the main menu above the game and choose the neighborhood you’re interested in to get started.

Team Rocket trainers

The new Pokemon Gold & Silver generation brings back Team Rocket, but it is less of a threat than in its previous iterations. Before, Team Rocket had strong leaders and successful operations.

While the new generation uses similar Pokemon in battle and a similar modus operandi, they don’t have nearly as many members as their predecessors. Instead, they are better suited to handle one operation at a time.

The head Rocket is a member of Team Rocket, and his Pokémon share two characteristics with them. They both use Faint Attack and Ember attack. The best way to deal with him is to use Poliwrath, which shares the same episode with Dark-type Pokémon. It’s also the most helpful Pokemon for battling Suicune in the Tin Tower. Another good choice is Professor Oak’s co-host. He will reward you with another Pink Bow. Another helpful item is the TM 11 (Sunny Day).

Giovanni was an engineer and researcher who volunteered for Professor Elm when he was young. Later, Giovanni became a successful gym leader in Kanto. Giovanni believes that the champion trainer from many years ago might be able to teach Giovanni something. Giovanni also creates new pokeballs for trainers. And of course, his trainers don’t mind. He’ll even teach you how to use them. These are just a few of the new Team Rocket trainers in Pokemon Gold.

The new Team Rocket trainers are a bit different from their predecessors. The Elite Four members stick closer to specialty types in the new game. The new team, however, includes Lance. Silver isn’t too fond of Clair and has been known to insult the girl’s wardrobe. The situation was made amusing by many fans and was popular fan art. However, many of these Pokemon trainers have been remade for the game.

Finding Morty

When Silver and Gold are stuck in the Gym of Ecruteak, they ask for the help of the Gym Trainer Morty. Morty has two Badges, a Plain and a Mystery, which will help them find Gold and Silver. Morty also has a map, which they can use to find the Plates. The first appearance of Morty in the game is in the chapter, ‘Hello, Lickitung.’

While you may think that Morty spends all of his time at the Gym, he’s not. If you visit him on a day off, he’ll join you at the Burned Tower, where he studies the legendary Pokemon. You can also find him at Bellchime Trail, where he gives out Pokegear and arranges a rematch with stronger Pokemon.

When you visit Bill’s house, you’ll notice that it is a simple, small structure located in Goldenrod City. There, you’ll see his family, including Morty. Once you defeat him, you’ll be rewarded with the Lv42 Haunter. If you’re still struggling, you can try using the Ghostbuster, which will allow you to pass through the ghost blocking your path.

After you’ve fought Ash and his team, you can try to find Morty. The second Pokemon Morty uses against Ash is Haunter. Haunter uses Mean Look to force Ash to stick with his Cyndaquil and uses Lick and Hypnosis to defeat him. Once Ash defeats Haunter, he only has a Noctowl left to fight. Haunter used Confuse Ray to make Ash’s Noctowl confused in the next round. However, no tool learned Confusion and beat Haunter with just one try.

Defeating Misty

Defeating Misty is one of the most challenging quests in the game. It will reward you with the Cascade Badge. The area is located in the Johto Safari Zone, and four routes lead to it. Misty will be out of the Gym when you reach the site because she’s romancing someone else. You should set up your Pokemon here, though, if you plan on winning.

To begin with, choose Pokemon that are Water-type, like Lapras and Staryu. Some Pokemon are dual-type, like Grassed and Oddish. Defeating Misty with a Water-type will be relatively easy if you choose the correct Pokemon. You can even use a Grassed or Electric-resistant Pokemon to deal with her. Also, remember to level up your Grass-type Pokemon if you’re facing a starmie, a Water-type that can heal itself.

Once you’ve obtained a radio card, you can use it on a Snorlax to use the correct moves against her. Once you’ve defeated Misty, your Pokemon will be able to move to Pewter City and fight Brock. You’ll need to have at least two or three pokemon to defeat Misty, so you can catch all of her moves and use them to attack her. In addition, you’ll have to fight every trainer in Pewter City.

You’ll also get some extra Pokemon, such as Goldeen, Soak, and Cascade Badge. You can also use a fossil shard to make a Pokemon, such as a Gyarados. You can use these extra Pokemon and a Pokeball to defeat Misty. In the end, you’ll have earned $4,700 and a TM03 – Water Pulse.

Defeating Misty in Pokemon Gold is one of the toughest challenges in the game. She is the leader of the Cerulean City Gym. She is particularly effective against Water-type Pokemon.

You can challenge Misty after completing the Pokemon League and entering the Hall of Fame. You can also use Pokemon of other types against her, such as Electric and Grass. Be sure to level up your Pokemon first before you challenge her.

Defeating Gary

If you’re having trouble deciding which Pokémon to use in battle with Gary, you can refer to this Defeating GameFAQs guide for advice. Gary is the Kanto champion and doesn’t use a monotype team.

You can choose to use any of your other Pokemon to face him, although you’ll have to make the extra effort. However, you’ll soon figure out which Pokemon to use in battle with Gary.

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