pokemon yellow walkthrough

pokemon yellow walkthrough

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Pokemon Yellow Walkthrough – Viridian Forest, S.S Anne Gym, Rock Tunnel, and Articuno

Pokemon Yellow walkthrough: This article aims to help you find the right ways to get through the Viridian Forest, S.S. Anne gym, Rock Tunnel, and Articuno in this game. There are 17 pages total in this walkthrough.

If you want to skip some of them, you can jump ahead. But be aware of some areas that will require more time to explore. Nevertheless, you can always find helpful tips and strategies in this article.

Viridian Forest

This Viridian Forest walkthrough for Pokemon Y is designed for the newcomer to the game, but you’re not alone if you’re unsure how to proceed. Viridian Forest is a large, sweeping area with some trainers and bug catchers. Here, you can find Weedle, Caterpie, and Pikachu. The goal is to capture the Caterpie, which evolved into Metapod once it reaches level seven. Make sure to catch her when she’s young to grow into Metapod.

This area is located on Route 2 and offers some new Pokemon, items, and Trainers. While it’s the first “dungeon” in the game, you’ll need to explore it slowly and carefully. There are many trainers in the area, as well as wild Pokemon.

Most trainers will challenge you only if you cross their line of sight. Luckily, some trainers are in positions that force you to pass in front of them. If you’re unsure of which trainers to confront, you can avoid them by walking around a bit or do not get in their way.

You can obtain a Potion from the Cuttable bush located just above the western exit of Viridian City. You can also find an Antidote by searching the lower-left section of a large tree. This walkthrough for Pokemon Yellow will help you progress in the game. When you reach Viridian City, you’ll have a lot of items to equip for your Pokemon.

S.S. Anne gym

If you want to learn how to battle a monster, the S.S. Anne gym is a must-see! This enormous ship is home to the world’s most famous Pokemon trainers, and it hosts a yearly cruise with plenty of duels where amateurs and professionals can test their skills.

You can obtain the particular move Cut (HM 01) in this gym, which will help you hack through a bush to reach the Vermilion City Gym. The SS Anne is home to three trainers, and each of them has unique strategies and abilities.

The first challenge you’ll face is a tree blocking the entrance to the S.S. Anne. To remove this obstacle, talk to the captain of the S.S. Anne and obtain the HM01. You can also train one Pokemon to learn the ‘Cut’ move and use it on a tree. Once you’ve learned this move, use it on one of your Pokemon to make it stronger. Once you have it, you’ll be able to battle the rival.

SS Anne is the predecessor to SS Aqua, but rampant Gyarados destroyed it. However, this gym is now back in the game and is a must-see in any Pokemon Yellow walkthrough. Completing this gym to avoid having to replay it. This way, you’ll get all the rewards in the game!

The S.S. Anne gym is home to some trainers, and this ship is no exception. The gym is populated by a ‘Rival’ in Pokemon Yellow. The first one to defeat him will be Rival, and you’ll obtain HM Cut, but you can also find an Either TM that restores your Pokemon’s Move PP. The next challenge is a quest to find the ‘Great Ball.’

Rock Tunnel

Despite being released 22 years ago, the Rock Tunnel has remained relevant with the game’s many changes. For example, although the game’s original Rock Tunnel requires teaching Pikachu Flash to move through it, there are many other ways to light up this tunnel. In this Pokemon Yellow walkthrough, we’ll look at several different methods. But first, let’s review the most common ways to complete the Rock Tunnel.

To enter the Rock Tunnel, you must be able to cut the trees around the cave’s entrance. You’ll need a Pokemon with the Flash ability or Light Up for this walkthrough. Then, you’ll need to use it to see what you’re doing. Remember that the trainers in this area aren’t tough, but you can use Flash to avoid their line of sight. Once inside the cave, you can battle the trainers and get to Lavender Town.

To enter the Rock Tunnel, defeat the last trainer in the area. Then, go down one step. After that, take another eight steps to the left, and you’ll see the Rock Tunnel. Once inside, take advantage of the Flash to light the way. If you need to go up, use a Flash to illuminate the path. To return to the entrance, use the Dig move. The area near the entrance is linear. You can meet Trainers on the first two levels of the dungeon: PokeManiac.

After you’ve got the Ultra Ball, the next step is to find the corresponding items. You’ll need an Ultra Ball, which can be found on the lowest floor of the dungeon. You’ll need to head up past the first four rocks to get it. After you get past the first set of stones, you’ll find a gem that stands out in the next scene. It contains the Ultra Ball.


In Pokemon Yellow, the ice-type Flying Pokemon Articuno is the ultimate nemesis. It is best to use Pokemon of fire, steel, and rock with only two weaknesses to defeat Articuno. This Pokemon has five minutes to fight. You can catch it with berries and Ultra Balls. Read on to learn how to see Articuno and its many enemies.

The Seafoam Islands are home to Articuno, an ice-type legendary Pokemon. These islands are east of Cinnabar Island and are easy to reach. The first two puzzles are pretty straightforward. Once you’ve mastered these basic puzzles, it’s time to catch Articuno! Be sure to save your game before fighting Articuno! You can also use Sea Skim to reach Articuno’s platform.

Rhydon: Although a slow leveler, Rhydon can be a great addition to any team. It has decent offensive power and is good against some key opponents. Rhydon is obtained by training Psyduck and Damian in Yellow and is applicable even if it evolves late. However, this Pokemon’s move pool is shallow and doesn’t match up well against Misty and Lorelei.

Using the right Pokémon can make the difference between success and failure. You can use the right Pokemon to help you achieve your goal. In Pokemon Yellow, you can use the same strategy to catch rare Pokemon. The main difference is that you need at least four active Pokemon to level up. If you have three Pokemon, you can use a Fire-type Pokemon to defeat Misty. In Pokemon Red, Articuno can be the first Pokemon you encounter.

Team Rocket

During this first mission, you’ll encounter two members of Team Rocket, one of which is a Zubat. This Grass/Poison-type will battle with other Pokemon, but you can use the antidote to recover your health once you defeat it. You’ll also need a Potion, which you’ll find behind the Trainer Tips sign. While Team Rocket’s Pokemon won’t be powerful against Giovanni, they’ll be easy to defeat and should be able to withstand slight damage.

In Pokemon Yellow, you’ll face a boss called Lt. Surge. The boss has a Thunder Badge. If you’re using a Pikachu, Thunderbolt is the best move to learn. You’ll also get a Thunder Badge if you’re using an Electric-type. Your Pikachu will automatically learn Thunderbolt, as it’s an Electric-type. You can also use it with Squirtle.

The Game Corner is a place where you can earn coins. You can trade these coins for Pokemon or TMs. There’s a poster in this area where you can find a hidden stairwell. Once you’ve made it to this area, you can battle a Rocket member and unlock the Rocket’s hideout. Team Rocket also has a boss, Giovanni. These tips and tricks will make the game easier to beat.

You can defeat Giovanni with Team Rocket’s support, but first, you need to defeat him. Giovanni will battle you after you’ve defeated Rocket #5 on B1. Then, you’ll meet James and Jessie again, but you’ll have to fight with two additional guards this time. If you can beat these two, you’ll have the necessary item to continue the game. But if you’re not brave enough, you can always use a cheat sheet.

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