red matter walkthrough

red matter walkthrough

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Red Matter Walkthrough

If you haven’t played Red Matter yet, you’ll probably wonder what the game is all about. Red Matter follows the basic structure of an Oculus Quest game, which involves exploration and puzzles that are organic to the environment.

These can range from moving mechanical lifts to assembling computer boards. Thankfully, these puzzles are usually easy to solve, but a walkthrough can help you figure out what to do next if you’re stuck.


In the game, you play as an astronaut from the Atlantic Union, and you have been sent to an abandoned Volgravian base on the planet Rhea. There, you must investigate a top-secret research project which may be related to an enemy plan.

The secret you have to uncover is related to the red Matter, a mysterious substance you have discovered. Here, we will give you an overview of the game’s gameplay and secrets. Red Matter is an exploration-style, story-driven videogame.

You play the role of a government agent sent to the enemy’s moon base in a retro-future world. To succeed in the game, you must discover who you are and how you got there. In this game, you can use only your hands to explore. However, be careful – you could get stuck in a tense situation if you use your hands to navigate.

Red Matter is an adventure puzzle game played from the first-person perspective. You will spend about an hour roaming the complex. Each puzzle is unique and relies on logic. In Red Matter, you can solve them to discover more information about the complex and its inhabitants.

The game is highly polished and offers a unique experience. This is one of the best VR games out there. You should check it out! So, what are you waiting for? Despite being so short, Red Matter is an excellent VR game.

The storyline is decent, but there is little reason to revisit the game once you’ve finished it. However, Red Matter for Oculus is an excellent option – and the Oculus Quest port is an impressive achievement. So, if you have the resources to spend, this VR title is worth trying. It’s an excellent choice for those who like puzzle games, but it might not be for everyone.


A Red Matter walkthrough puzzles guide will show you the best ways to solve the game’s various puzzles. Generally, these puzzles are environmental and involve combining objects. Though not too difficult, they require patience and lateral thinking.

The sound effects in the game are fantastic and perfectly complement the concept of an abandoned space station. Mechanical parts and equipment are heard throughout the game. There are plenty of options for locomotion, too.

Red Matter is a story-driven puzzle adventure game set in an alternate universe of the Cold War. In this game, Agent Epsilon explores a Volgravian base to find the secrets hidden within the ruins. It has received positive reviews from critics and is currently available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR.

The game features excellent world-building and fine attention to detail. Red Matter is an excellent sci-fi game that focuses on conveying the narrative through the items you discover. The game is set in a futuristic version of our world and a sci-fi version of the Cold War.

Players take the role of an American government agent, Epsilon, and are sent to an enemy moon base. The goal is to find and save the people’s lives inside the installation. While Red Matter is not for everyone, we recommend trying it.

It’s a great puzzle game and technically superb. And because the game was made for VR, its port is incredible. We received the game for free, thanks to the publisher. We will review it soon. Just be prepared to spend some time on the puzzles.

If you want a complete Red Matter walkthrough, we recommend getting the Quest version of the game. You’ll be glad you did! Once you have mastered the game’s puzzles, you can move on to the next level.

The game can be completed within 30 minutes, but you’ll need to figure out the best way to approach each puzzle. If you’re stuck, we recommend checking out a Red Matter walkthrough puzzles guide to find the best solution to the dilemmas you’ve encountered.

Sound effects

If you’ve never played the VR puzzle game Red Matter, you probably wonder what it is all about. This game is a narrative-style experience in a retro-future Saturn outer moon. As you explore the complex, you’ll use technical tools to solve puzzles and uncover the facility’s secrets.

To help you get the most out of the game, we’ve put together this Red Matter walkthrough. As mentioned before, Red Matter looks fantastic on PS4 and boasts some of the best lighting and texture effects available. The game has an incredibly realistic feel and resembles Uncharted from the PS3.

You’ll be exploring a deserted space base, so expect to find some very realistic items, such as notes left by people who once lived on the ground. It’s easy to become engrossed in the game’s storyline and feel like you’re in a sci-fi thriller.


A Red matter storyline walkthrough will help you understand what to do next and where to go next so that you can get the most out of the game. Red Matter is an exploratory adventure game set in the retro-future of Saturn’s outer moon Rhea.

You are an agent for the Red Matter organization, trying to collect documents that will help you progress the plot. As you explore this alien environment, you’ll encounter many exciting discoveries and discover some pretty fantastic characters, but you can’t get too far without a bit of help.

As with any Oculus Quest game, Red Matter follows a similar structure. You’ll explore and solve puzzles throughout the game, which are usually organic to the environment and are generally of easy to medium difficulty.

You’ll have to figure out how to use computer boards or mechanical lifts to get where you need to go. The game has many different levels and challenges for you to solve, but a Red matter storyline walkthrough will ensure you know exactly what to expect.

The first level of Red Matter is a puzzle game played in the first person. It takes about an hour to explore the entire facility. The game has a variety of puzzles that are based on logic, revealing more about the enigmatic building.

The puzzles themselves are a fun way to pass the time, and the story will keep you engaged throughout the game. If you’re looking for a game that will keep you involved from start to finish, Red Matter is a great choice.

The second level of Red Matter continues where the first ended, with Sasha Riss being forced to leave her space base and search for her old friend. There are many puzzles to solve, action sequences to complete, and a hacking tool to use. The game is scheduled for release in the Summer of 2022 on Meta Quest 2.

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