shantae and the pirates curse walkthrough

shantae and the pirates curse walkthrough

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Shantae and the Pirates Curse Walkthrough

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to play Shantae and the Pirates Curse, you have come to the right place. This article contains tips for unlocking Pirate mode and fighting the final boss. You’ll also learn about the enemies you’ll meet along the way. Once you know what to do, you can beat the game as fast as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this guide and start playing this action-packed pirate adventure today!

Step-by-Step walkthrough

Shantae and the Pirates Curses is a platforming game that released on October 23, 2014. It’s the story of Shantae, a half-genie who teams up with the nefarious Risky Boots to save Sequin Land from the evil Black Knight. The game is a throwback to the Metroidvania style, with colorful sprites and excellent music. You’ll have a blast solving puzzles and unlocking new powers as you progress.

To progress further, you can use the Pirate Mode to start the game with all the pirate gear you need. This will make traveling and combat easier and will save you from having to backtrack to collect everything. You’ll need an empty save slot to enable Pirate Mode. Make sure to read the collectible guide first. You’ll also need to find Heart Squids and Cacklebats to get the Targeting Module.

Once you’ve learned how to use Shantae’s magic and obtained the necessary items, you’ll be able to defeat the Empress Spider. Use her cannon to deal some damage, and also use her saber to set off the explosives. Using her cannon to jump helps her keep up in the air. The Empress Spider is an easy boss to beat.

The first boss is relatively easy to beat on Pirate Mode. While avoiding the lasers and falling through the air, use Risky’s Cannon as much as possible to stay near the center of the arena. You should also avoid the Cyclops Plant’s eyeball, which can hit the player easily. You should also use the Pike Ball when the first Pike runs out.

Boss fight

This battle will be a challenge, but you can master it with a little bit of preparation. The Pirate Master will teleport from place to place and attack you with a wide-reaching blast of dark magic. You can use Bubble Shield to block his attacks and keep your distance. The Pirate Master will also warp from one platform to another, and you will have to jump over them to dodge his attacks.

The first stage is easy to reach, especially if you’re playing on Pirate Mode. While flying through the arena, you should avoid using Risky’s Cannon, as you can hit the Cyclops Plant. If you’re close enough, dodge the laser attack, and then use your Pike Ball to deal with the enemy. This fight will continue until the last stage, at which point you’ll need to switch to Normal Mode.

Once you’ve killed all 20 Cacklebats, you can move on to the next phase. In this phase, you can attack the Pirate Master with the cannon with your sword, but be careful when it comes to hitting the cannons and catching the projectiles. After this, the Pirate Master will launch his giant scimitars at you. If you get hit by one, you’ll have to jump on top of one to cause damage to him.

The last part is the most frustrating, but it is a necessary one. Fortunately, the game has a save point and you’ll be able to save Rottytops if you need to. You will also be able to teleport to other areas through explosive barrels. You can buy these explosive barrels from vendors in Scuttle Town or get them dropped by defeated enemies.

In this stage, you’ll encounter a pirate master who has been hiding from you. He has a vengeful ex-master and senses that the power of light magic has been banished from the Sequin Land. While this is a good thing for Shantae and the pirates, you may want to save Risky and your gang in the meantime.

Enemy encounters

Shantae and the Pirates Curses is a 2D platformer game developed by WayForward Technologies. It is reminiscent of Metroidvania games and the Legend of Zelda. In the previous game, Shantae lost her half-genie powers. Now, she only possesses a lethal hair whip and cursed pirate gear.

In the game, Shantae has to collect the Egg from the Sky. Along the way, she must overcome many traps and enemies. While Shantae does not have her usual transformations, she has plenty of ways to deal with enemies. One of her best weapons is the hair whip, which is a great weapon for dealing huge amounts of damage. It is crucial to learn to master this weapon before tackling the larger enemy. After overcoming him, she can find the key that will help her progress through the game.

Shantae is surprised that her arch-foe did not steal her magic lamp back. During a recent conversation with her arch-foe, she learned that he had bigger fish to fry. The dreaded pirate then left the workshop without saying goodbye. Later, Shantae asked Risky about the Pirate Master. Risky replied that the Pirate Master was the greatest threat to Sequin Land, but the genies sealed him in the netherworld.

The first stage is relatively easy to reach in Pirate Mode, as long as you stay near the middle of the arena. However, you should avoid using Risky’s Cannon, as it may hit the Cyclops Plant and damage your character. Instead, you should stay close to the eyeball when it lands and dodge the laser attack when it comes. Also, you can use the Pike Ball if the first one runs out.

The game’s backtracking system has been toned down in this version. Too much backtracking can lead you to forget locations and non-playable characters. Backtracking is a useful feature when used correctly. But remember to read the game’s guide before trying it out. And if you’re looking for a walkthrough that will tell you all of the important information, Shantae and the Pirates Curs will be a great option.

Unlocking pirate mode

After finishing the game, you can unlock Pirate Mode and start playing with all the pirate gear. Pirate mode will grant you new shortcuts and faster clear times. However, your health and upgrades will not carry over. Unlocking Pirate mode will make the game much faster, but there are some things you need to know first. Below is a walkthrough for unlocking Pirate mode.

First of all, unlocking pirate mode in Shantae and The Pirates Curs requires you to defeat all three bosses and collect black magic. This will change the ending storyline. This is particularly helpful if you plan on speedrunning through the game. However, before you can unlock pirate mode, you need to go to the first dungeon on Saliva Island and push down the stairs. This will unlock an additional level with GBC graphics.

During the Pirates Curs walkthrough, you will find out that there are four different playstyles. One of these is normal and the other two are speedruns. Normal mode is the most popular one, and you can beat the game in under two hours if you’re using the full Pirate Gear. However, Pirate Mode will let developers use DRM copy protection on their games, which will upset some fans.

This mode is not available until the end of the game. You must play through it for at least seven hours to unlock the Pirate Mode. In this mode, you can also collect Dark Magic to improve your weaponry. In addition, you can use your weapons and equipment as pirates. You’ll have to trust Risky Boots in order to get the Pirate Mode. The game’s story is based on Shantae’s journey through the world.

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