tales of vesperia walkthrough

tales of vesperia walkthrough

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Tales of Vesperia Walkthrough

If you’ve ever played Tales of Vesperia, you’ve probably wondered how. There are two main components to the game: walking around the world and exploring dungeons. You’ll find items, talk to NPCs, and uncover secrets in the latter. In addition, there are optional conversations between the characters, known as Skits. Here’s a quick guide to these.

Secret Missions

One of the best ways to unlock all the Secret Missions in Tales of Vesperia is to replay the boss fights in the game. You can do this by talking to a cow-clad boy on Nam Combanda. He will give you a chance to replay all the boss fights for free if you pay him 300 chips. If you’re not a fan of this method, you’ll want to skip this step.

The objective of this Secret Mission is vague. Once you’ve lured Zagi into a boat, use the Over Limit, Light Spear, or Cyclone Shot on him to finish the mission. It would help if you also used your Chivalry to get the extra boosts. Those three abilities are beneficial in a Secret Mission, but it’s a tedious process that requires patience.

Secret Missions in Tales of Vesperia are a great way to earn XP and get better gear. Secret Mission 18 is an excellent way to get back on Alexei’s good side. It involves using the “Brilliant Cataclysm” Mystic Art on him. To get the item, run up to him and use it. Secret Mission 17 requires you to talk to Estelle and obtain a red orb.

Secret Missions in Tales of Vesperia can be an excellent way to unlock more Grade and loot. In the PlayStation 3 version of the game, you can open the Barbos Secret Mission, which requires you to destroy the bridge supports that support the arena. In addition to this, you can get a lot of extra Grade and achievements by completing other tasks in the game. So, if you’re a fan of Secret Missions in Tales of Vesperia, you shouldn’t miss this new feature.

The secret missions in Tales of Vesperia are optional side quests that you can complete during boss encounters. They are challenging to complete, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with great rewards! These missions are only available in the Definitive Edition of the game so that you can try them multiple times for top tips. And, since you can retry these missions, they will fill up about half of your trophy list.


There are fifty-three different achievements in Tales of Vesperia, ranging from a thousand Gamerscore to fifty bronze trophies. The Xbox 360 version features seven Silver trophies, fifty bronze trophies, two gold trophies, and one platinum trophy. The PlayStation 3 and Steam versions feature fifty-three different achievements. Achievements in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are highlighted in light gray, while the PS3 and Definitive Edition versions have dark gray backgrounds.

There are numerous ways to complete side quests and achieve the highest level. Yuri must find a rare weapon and equip it in the main search, but there are plenty of other ways to obtain the highest score. This can be achieved by providing the White Knight Sword and Shield or the Vesperia No. 1. Different ways to earn achievements in Tales of Vesperia are to equip the rare Vesperia No. 1 weapon or the Rare Helm and Plate or gather a considerable TP.

A Tales of Vesperia walkthrough can also be a great help in the game. These walkthroughs include sections on side quests and achievements and information on the Switch version. These walkthroughs will provide the information required for you to complete the game as quickly and efficiently as possible. Listed below are a few of the critical areas you should check out to achieve a high score in Tales of Vesperia.

Side quests can also be completed with your friends and can help you earn extra coins. You can make different coins when you complete side missions and gain experience for your party. Unlike the Xbox 360 version, you can also get additional side missions through the game’s optional conversations with Mario. Once you complete the side missions, you will receive a bonus item, which unlocks new items and weapons. The main quests are the most challenging ones in the game, so a walkthrough is a good resource for any game level.


If you’ve followed our walkthrough for the first two games, you’ll know that you can get some hidden Secret Missions. These missions give you different Grades and rewards after fighting a boss. Secret Missions are not mentioned during the game’s tutorial, but you’ll almost certainly stumble upon them at some point. Once you’ve found one, you can retry it.

You’ll learn about Secret Missions, which require you to complete specific tasks after defeating a boss. While these missions are optional and not vital to the main story, they offer excellent rewards. You’ll find a walkthrough for Secret Missions if you’re stuck. Alternatively, you’ll learn about the essential Secret Missions in the Definitive Edition. This walkthrough will help you complete these missions but be warned that this walkthrough contains heavy spoilers.

A successful Secret Mission depends on the team’s aerial combat and ability to lock down enemies. When the Pteropus splits into Attack Bats, Magic Bats, and Leader Bats, you can use the Leader Bat to burst the boss before it reforms. A few of your best options are Judith, Raven, and Rita, who excel in aerial combat. In addition, Raven and Rita have boosted their stats with Chivalry.

You can also try out a few secret mission guides before starting the game. These are designed to help you find the best path forward in the game. For example, you can try your hand at the second-stage boss, Duke, using your default Mystic Arte – Savage Wolf Fury. And if you’re unsure of how to get to the next boss, you can use the Definitive Edition’s secret mission guide.

You need to use an aanaque plastic core for the last Secret Mission. This core is found at the lower-quarter fountain. It will end the ambitions of Adephagos and Alexei. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to fight another low-level challenger, Barbos, at level 15.


You have come to the right place if you are looking for a comprehensive walkthrough for Tales of Vesperia. Our walkthrough covers every facet of the game, including the side quests, achievements, and secrets. We’ve also added a section for the Switch version. You can access our walkthrough anytime, anywhere, and with just a few clicks, you can start playing the game today!

The gameplay is based on two main components: walking around the world and exploring dungeons. You’ll find items, speak to NPCs, and uncover secrets. You can also participate in optional conversations with different characters, known as Skits. Here are a few of the best tips to help you succeed in this game. Follow these tips to help you complete the game as quickly as possible.

A walkthrough for Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition will give you an overview of the game’s side quests. It lists these missions in chronological order and includes short descriptions and relevant instructions for each assignment. Each side quest explains its purpose and provides information about items and weapons. The guide will even tell you how to use each item you find on your journey. It is also a good idea to read our FAQ for Tales of Vesperia.

A Tales of Vesperia walkthrough can help you find the most valuable recipes to earn items. You can also use a guide to make recipes in Tales of Vesperia. These recipes will help you unlock secret quests and complete other aspects of the game. These recipes will come in handy when crafting and enhancing your character’s abilities. As far as our walkthrough goes, we recommend that you follow the game’s rules – it will guide you to the best path to victory!

The first part of the game requires you to equip your character with Orange Gel and Magic Lens. The second part of the game involves providing them with different weapons and spells. To ensure you’re getting the most out of the game, you should equip both characters with Demon Fang and Guardian Field. Then, you can use the new abilities to fight the enemies threatening your world. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to complete the game quickly and earn the highest score possible.


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