the medium walkthrough

the medium walkthrough

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The Medium Walkthrough

Are you looking for a walkthrough for The Medium? Here you will find it. This psychological horror game is set in an abandoned hotel where the main character is trying to solve a mystery surrounding the recent massacres in the region.

This walkthrough will show you where to find every puzzle and how to solve them all. This game is highly recommended if you have played it but are unsure what to expect. Before purchasing it, you can always check out the video walkthrough to learn more about this game.

How to control the supernatural version of Marianne in the game

The medium allows players to control Marianne’s natural and unnatural versions. The magical performance of Marianne is a different character and can access inaccessible areas of the real world.

This out-of-body experience is achieved by holding B on the controller. It would help if you also pressed B to warp back in time. Holding A and B together while holding the B button will activate a shield and help you reach areas of the natural world inaccessible to her.

In The Medium, you can control both versions of Marianne simultaneously, but this mechanic is a bit off-putting. Generally, you have to pay attention to both worlds.

Some items are only available in one version, while others have different behaviors depending on whether you are in the material or spiritual world. Look for white dots that represent interactable items. Then, you can use them to solve puzzles.

You can also use audio cues to determine your objectives in The Medium. Character conversations and moths will help you in this endeavor. Unlike other horror games, the game does not involve any combat, but you must shield yourself from moths during certain sections.

Changing your audio profile to Headset will help you hear these cues. When you’re playing The Medium, you’ll be surprised at how many of the game’s audio signals are audible to players.

If you’ve ever wondered how to control the supernatural version of Marianne in the game, you’ve come to the right place. Marianne has been using her psychic abilities since childhood, but now she can also access the supernatural side of reality. It’s up to her to figure out how to control the magical version of Marianne and use it to save her family. And once she discovers why the Maw is haunting her, she’ll be on her way to saving the human world.

How to run away from the monster

The monster chase begins after Thomas enters the secret room, and it is a scripted sequence. To avoid the monster, you can slow down. You will need to run through an area where the monster cannot reach you, like the spirit pool.

Then, wait for the beast to run away before taking your next step. Then, follow the path to the spirit pool to make it easier for you to find Marianne.

To escape The Maw, you must first get to Thomas’s office. You’ll need to explore the building, avoiding straight doorways and closed paths. Then, run straight forward until you reach the hole in the wall.

After that, you’ll need to ignore the moths and continue running until you reach the wall and run away from The Maw. Fortunately, the game includes an easy-to-follow walkthrough for the Maw.

The Maw can see Marianne in the spirit world and the dual-reality system, so be prepared for an encounter. While encountering The Maw is usually straightforward, it can be tricky if you’re not careful.

This is especially true if you’re stuck in a dark, narrow corridor or are in the middle of a large chamber. You can also hide in a corner and wait until The Maw smashes all the barricades, which will frighten him.

There are several strategies you can use to run away from The Maw. First, you need to know what to do before running. Try to stay near the wall. Try to keep out of sight as long as you can. This way, you’ll avoid being caught by The Maw. Next, you need to watch the monster’s movement path. This way, you’ll be able to run away from it without letting it notice you.

How to find all collectibles in the game

The Medium is a psychological horror game set in an abandoned Soviet resort. You travel through the game by walking through the various rooms in the central area.

You also have to explore places that are off the beaten path. While most collectibles are found within the game’s main rooms, you may want to investigate a few of the items to unlock their secrets. Some of these collectibles are linked to specific achievements.

To complete the Achievements in The Medium, you must gather as many collectibles as possible. This game has over 50 collectibles that must be collected.

One of these is a photo of Frank, which is a key to unlock the secret room inside the house. To find this, you can check the guide below. Once you have all the postcards, you can now proceed to collect the achievements.

The first echoes you need to find in The Medium are in the front of the Niwa hotel building. The phone will ring once you approach it, and the player will see a yellow scar. This scar will unlock two Achievements, “Left Behind” and “Caught the Scent.”

The Medium has many secret achievements that require specific actions and collectibles. It is possible to complete all of these secrets in one playthrough.

You can even earn trophies that are not connected to the storyline. Ultimately, the main goal of The Medium is to collect as many collectibles as possible to get 100% completion. In the end, you will be glad you stayed active in the game and explored new areas.

How to find out the girl’s name

If you have not yet completed the game, this guide will give you the necessary information to get the ending. The game is a psychological horror adventure set in a deserted hotel.

Your character is trying to solve a mystery surrounding the massacres in the area. You will be given hints that will assist you in the quest. The next step is to find Richard. This will require you to get into the dayroom, which is a room where you will find the map.

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